Why Did Tiger Woods Leave Nike?

Background on Tiger Woods and Nike

Early Success and Endorsement Deal

The Golf Club Technology Revolution

Reasons for the Split

Key takeaway: Tiger Woods left Nike due to a loss of sponsorship deal, his desire for creative control, and competing golf apparel brands. The split had a significant impact on both parties, with Nike’s golfing division being affected and Woods securing new endorsement deals. The situation serves as a lesson for athlete-brand relationships, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong partnership and being open to compromise.

Loss of Sponsorship Deal

Tiger Woods’ Desire for Creative Control

Competing Golf Apparel Brands

The Aftermath of the Split

The Effect on Nike’s Golfing Division

Tiger Woods’ New Endorsement Deals

Lessons Learned for Athlete-Brand Relationships


HUGE NEWS! Tiger Woods NOT wearing Nike! (why not?)

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