What golf irons does Rory McIlroy use and how do they contribute to his success?

The science behind Rory McIlroy’s golf irons

Materials used in golf irons

Shaft materials

Head materials

Clubhead design

Rory McIlroy’s golf iron selection

Key takeaway: Rory McIlroy’s success on the golf course is partly due to his careful selection of golf irons that are customized to his specific playing style. These irons are made from high-quality materials, have precise clubhead designs, and are tailored to McIlroy’s individual preferences, enabling him to achieve optimal ball speed, accuracy, consistency, and mental game.

Brands used by Rory McIlroy

Golf iron models used by Rory McIlroy

The role of customization in Rory McIlroy’s golf iron selection

How Rory McIlroy’s golf irons contribute to his success

Ball speed and distance

Accuracy and precision

Consistency and repeatability

Mental game and confidence


RORY MCILROY – How To Hit Your Irons | Me And My Golf

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