PGA Championship – The History

2011 PGA Championship

2011 PGA Championship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each summer, one of the nation’s most outstanding golf facilities hosts golf’s best professionals, as they compete for the Wanamaker Trophy. Winning that Trophy is an experience that has been savored by only 63 individuals.

Overall, 71 courses in 25 states have served as a host site for at least one of the 91 PGA Championships. Since 1994, the PGA Championship has featured the most players in the Top 100 of the Official World Golf Rankings, and perennially has boasted the strongest field in golf. The 2002 PGA Championship at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minn., established an all-time record for world-ranked participants, with 98 of the Top 100.

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PGA History

Professional Golfers' Association of America

Professional Golfers’ Association of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The origins of the PGA go back to Victorian times and the work and dedication of three golfing pioneers: JH Taylor, James Braid and Harry Vardon.  Their desire was to raise the status of those men who earned their living from playing the game.

Men who had worked their way up through the caddy ranks to become professional golfers.  So it was that the PGA was founded in 1901.

It was a letter from a North Wales professional in Golf Illustrated on 12th April, 1901, that triggered the idea of a Professional Golfers’ Association, advocating that professionals needed to come together to protect their interests.

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Understanding Golf Scoring Terms

Birdie: Great Shot

Birdie: Great Shot (Photo credit: JPChamberland)

Like many other sports, golf is a game full of words that can seem confusing to the inexperienced player. If you’re new to the game, it might take you a period of time to get accustomed to the sport’s specific terms, including those related to scoring. By learning the correct terms for each score in golf, you can sound knowledgeable among your peers even if you’re still a beginner. The following table of golf scoring terms can help you feel right at home on the course.

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Match Play Vs Stroke Play

Golf Green Island

Golf Green Island (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Scoring is another great thing about golf. You can easily see how you’re doing because your score is in black and white on the scorecard. Every course you play has a scorecard. The scorecard tells you each hole‘s length, its par, and its rating relative to the other holes.

Stroke play and match play have slightly different rules. For example, in stroke play, you must count every shot you hit and then record the number on the card. In match play, you don’t have to write down any score. The only thing that matters is the state of the game between you and your opponent.

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Golf Course: Definition and Types

Reserved Parking: Golfers

Reserved Parking: Golfers (Photo credits:

What is a golf course? It’s where we go to play golf, of course! The official definition under theRules of Golf is this: “The ‘course’ is the whole area within any boundaries established by the Committee.” But if you’re a beginner, that probably means nothing to you.

So: Golf courses are collections of golf holes. A standard round of golf consists of playing 18 holes, and a “full-sized” golf course contains 18 holes. The golf course includes elements of the holes such as teeing grounds, fairways and putting greens, plus rough and all other areas that are within the boundaries of the golf course.

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